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Open access: personal proximity

On October 13, 2016 the Creativity and Innovation Management journal presented Ward Ooms, and co-authors Robert Kok and John Bell, with the journal's Best Paper Award 2015. The paper, that explores the use of social media in inbound open innovation by firms, illustrates how social media enables firms to exploit hithereto overlooked antecedents for absorptive capacity (their capacitiy to identify, acquire, and transform external knowledge). Because of the award, the winning paper is freely avaibable from the journal's website (see below).

In October 2016 a multiple-case study of Dutch nanotechnology research collaborations and the role of personal proximity in those collaborations was published in the open access journal Springer Plus. Please find it here.

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Ward Ooms is assistant professor in innovation management and PhD candidate at the Open Universiteit Nederland.

You can contact Ward for guest lectures, innovation management, and related consultancy.

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